Saturday, August 24, 2013

just rare back and snooze

Never thought I'd be singing the song "Old Rockin' Chairs Got Me" but I guess it may be true. Only thing is, it's not a rocker but it does almost everything else. It rares back, and it lifts up. Not an ejection seat, thank goodness, but it sure makes it a lot easier to get out of. It vibrates, sometimes easy, sometimes it shimmies and shakes. It even provides heat where a pain might be.

What more can an old coot want when his exercises leave extremities sore? Only thing is: I sometimes have to argue with the cat as to whose chair it is - but if someone is in the chair the cat still claims it.

Oh, yes, it's placed by a window where I can see the outside world move by.

So, I want to offer a humongous vote of thanks to my good half for this special gift which make my up-and-down days really up and down complete with heat and massage. What could a guy ask for other than to wish he was really young again?