Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Pro-cras-ti-na-thon.....and how I have mastered it.

It took a former exchange student to wake me up. His reminder came in an e-mail from France back around Thanksgiving and it has taken me almost to Christmas to get around to actually getting the motivation to get back in the habit of writing.
I have always enjoyed writing. I submitted a zillion contributions to magazines like Readers Digest and gained a zillion rejection forms. But later there was a bit more success particularly in inspirational newspaper columns. Part of the success was that newspaper editors were happy when a columnist met deadlines. Every week - month after month - year after year - without a break the columns appeared and I enjoyed the challenge. Later, as we moved to other locations, newspaper opportunities became scarce and I started writing blogs instead. Most every week, in fact. 206 blogs thus far -
mostly thoughts of the day - a lot of memories.

But in August of this year the blogs stopped for no real reason. The siesta became easier and easier to live with and so, now, in December, I've decided to try to redeem myself.  No more blaming old age.No more blaming health situations. No more saying I'm too busy. No more just making excuses.

I can remember how an uncle kept saying he wanted put together a book of humorous sayings. He had a huge scrapbook of the items but just never got around to putting the book together.  And I put together the story of my life in three volumes - my life up to 2003 when we moved to Michigan. I suppose I need to put together "the rest of the story" as relates to a bit over the ten very busy years since 2003.  Someday.

I've often said that a common motto often applies: "Don't bother doing today what's easier to put off until tomorrow." Not good. Perhaps in the last few days I've begun to see the light - Life's too short - enjoy it while you can and forget about living out your days in that comfy living room rocker with heat and massage modes.