Wednesday, March 11, 2009

You have the right to remain silent....

Well, it just had to; happen sometimes -- she
was apprehended by one of Britain's Bobbies. Not that she had done anything wrong - it was just that she wanted to play typical American tourist getting a picture with someone wonderfully British.

The picture was taken during one of several tours we have taken to England, Scotland, and Ireland. Wonderful places to visit - they even speak a language we generally could understand. In the process of the tours we have had some thrilling experiences (like riding in the top front of a double-decker Austrian bus through British countryside). Then there were the other kind of experiences.

For instance, the day we had traveled an entire day and were ready to rest and have dinner.We checked in at a hotel and since I was in charge of the group and had to be sure all our passengers were settled in, I gave Joyce the key to our room and told her I'd meet her later. Half an hour or so later I went to our room, knocked on the door and got no response. "She must really have zonked out, I thought. Getting a maid to open the room (a very suspicious maid at that), I discovered the room was empty. I went down the the desk to ask if Joyce had called or if anyone had seen her. Negative to both questions. I was getting quite concerned when after quite a while she wandered into the lobby asking where I had been. I asked her the same question. Turns out she had gotten into the wrong room, (a maid had left a door open and Joyce mistook the room number) fell asleep, and then went searching for me while I was searching for her. I was about to call for a Bobbie to file a missing person report. However, when all was said and done, the story ended up happily after all

I've got another story or two about England but let this one do for today.

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