Monday, November 16, 2009

Want to See My Etchings?

There used to be a story about the lover boy who invited his girlfriend up to his apartment to see his etchings. It didn't take long for his girl friends to get the idea that he wasn't just thinking about etchings.

Well, I thought I'd invite you to our house to see some pretty neat etchings. Only thing is, it isn't etchings - it's Joyce's collection of staples from last Tuesday's knee replacement surgery. All fifteen of them.

And she didn't give me a lot of static about taking the picture. I guess she is being cooperative because she is somewhat dependent on me for help with therapy, doing laundry, cooking, making the bed, and a few other things that I might not have thought about.

She is doing amazingly well - is able to bend her knee almost 90 degrees (with a little bit of help) and is able to get around the condo quite well with her balloon-equipped four wheel drive walker. And she says there 's no pain to speak of other than that which I create when I push her on some of her exercises. And the stitches come out next Monday.

She's an amazing patient but then, I've thought she has been amazing for quite a few years.

And now, it's into the kitchen to make lunch. (Now you know why this blog is pretty short)

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