Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's a Holiday - For Some People

The scene: the control room of radio station WHUC in Hudson New York. The subject: yours truly. The date and time: Christmas morning, December 25th, 1950 at about 9:30 or 10:00 in the morning. Which just goes to say, there are lots of people who don't spend Christmas morning - or maybe afternoon - at home with their family on Christmas day.

Fact of the matter is, I had to get up at around five in the morning to get to the station by six when we went on the air. I looked around the house - especially on the roof - for Santa's sleigh tracks and couldn't find any so maybe he wasn't going to make a stop until I got off the air at one in the afternoon. Or maybe I didn't have a positive spot on his list that year. But the fact remains, I was among those who never had a holiday - even at Christmas - or Thanksgiving - like everyone else.

So I want to recognize those people who might be taken for granted on Christmas. People who work in radio or television where the show must go on - even on holidays or in bad weather. (I remember opening up the station one morning after driving twenty miles on icy roads and even beat the engineer in, and he lived right in town).

But there are others more important than I was. People in law enforcement, or firemen. How about emergency rescue crews? How about people in the medical field - nurses, doctors, and others who provide care to those whose health depends on them? (Our youngest daughter has spent a lot of holiday time caring for people in a hospital. And I think of Christmas babies in neonatal where she worked for quite a while. She's earned the cruise she's on right now.)

So let this be a salute to those whose jobs dictate working when most people are celebrating. Like the old saying goes, "Somebody has to do it" and eventually there comes that time when they can celebrate just like everyone else. Only a little bit later.


  1. I recognize that ship! My husband & I took a wonderful cruise on it many years ago (June/July 1994, I believe, in the Caribbean). Not something we have ever done before or since - my husband won the cruise at a convention. You had to be present to win. The first name who was called wasn't present. A second name was called. My husband didn't hear it. His associates screamed, go up there, go up there - it's you!

    Small world, as we live in Hudson environs now. What an unexpected image on an icebound winter's evening - is that the cruise ship that your daughter is on now?

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Hope you both had a wonderful Christmas, what a nice reminder to be thankful to all the people who work even on the holidays.