Friday, September 28, 2012


I had a computer glitch a few weeks back that necessitated my doing a lot of backtracking and reprogramming and restoring and has created situations involving some holy words not really worth putting into type. At any rate, I just wanted to ring out the tidings (glad I hope) that we will be back in the blog business and should have a few new ones for you in the next few days and weeks.

Meanwhile, tomorrow we will crank up the Caliber tomorrow morning and head out for Alexandria, Virginia and a visit with middle daughter Amy. Keep us in mind as we try to take in the Washington DC sights and we will try to come up with some pictures and text for your entertainment.

Thank you staying with us the past four years and welcome back.

Now, if I can just remember to get the laptop and power pack (just though of THAT) out of the confusion (sorry, I meant the COMPUTER) room and into the car.......

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