Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Lord Giveth, and the Wife Taketh Away

Well, the Lord gave me the ability to drag pictures into my blogs but apparently someone has taken that gift away. That ought to be tomorrow's challenge.

I meant to include a picture of my good half working in the yard this morning - and thinking about that intent, maybe she has found a way to spook the computer. Just for spite, I may put it on a wider
distribution - Facebook - because it's an interesting picture.

Several years ago she saw an advertisement for mail order trees. The catalog showed a lot of beautiful trees and the prices were amazing. We'd been looking for Mediterranean Poplars and so
the order was placed.  In a few days a package arrived marked 'perishable'. Opening it we found eight or ten spindly twigs and we proceeded to plant them.  And they grew, and grew, and grew. Not tall and stately like we had expected but bushy - but with branches heading in every direction. We asked ourselves, 'What have we done to our back yard?'. But then we thought, at least they were green so we just let them grow whatever way they chose to go.

But time flies, and as successive Springs came around the calendar bringing an unwelcome discovery each year. One by one these anticipated beauties started losing leaves. A closer look revealed that the trunks were beginning to have rotten places and major limbs were dying. In time the entire trees died one by one and each year one or another was converted to waste wood.

And that was the picture I saw early this morning out the back door. Another of the trees was being converted into bits and pieces. Now, looking into the back yard one more tree had been transformed into kindling and we don't even have a fireplace. Alas, only two of the trees remain and their future looks pretty. I will say that Joyce did a really good job as a lady lumberperson.

Meanwhile we'll keep our tree purchases in our local friendly nursery. And to top this whole exercise off, I think the trees we meant to get were Mediterranean CYPRESS, not poplar. Oh, well, live and learn.

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