Sunday, January 18, 2009

Behold, The Cat

Somebody said, in a response to an earlier blog, that I neglected to include a picture of the cat. Hopefully, it got back into the blog series a little later. At least for a little while.) The cat likes to turn the printer on and off as it meanders across the desk - then snaps at the paper as it comes out the printer. It jumps to the top of the grandfather clock. It likes to sleep on my wife's head in the middle of the night which does not add to domestic tranquility. It likes to fetch the little rings that come off the top of milk bottles. It has occasional killer instincts - which make me feel somewhat the same. It loves to track the bubbles - if not the fish - in the fishbowl. My wonderful wife says, "She's just a cat - that's the way cat's play." But why is she loving to my wife - and so aggressive to me (at times)? She does like to take over my lap - but I believe she really is saying "You don't have anything to say about it -- it's my comfort spot!" (Is there a "Cat Whisperer "
like the "Dog Whisperer" on television we can consult on matters like this?) Oh, well, it could be like our daughters house -- three dogs and two cats -- and three lively kids. To say nothing of an erstwhile thespian husband.

Over the years we've had a lot of pets. I recall a Siamese cat pair that didn't last long in the house. One, especially, would bounce off the walls of the family room. Their names were 'Kiam' (from Siam), and Simba. They lasted only long enough to sink their claws into a neighborhood child and found a new place to live. We've had stray dogs and cats get 'adopted'
by one or the other of our children. And by intent we got a collie (a purebred) which was named 'Candy.' She lasted a long time and it was a horrible day when she had to be put down because of incurable illness. We also had a cat that lasted a long time and had to be put to sleep as well.
I swore up and down, with the loss of those two, that I never wanted to go through the animal bit again. They had become so much a part of the family that I felt like they were near to becoming our children.

Then 'Inky' shows up - an unexpected birthday gift. And she is, in her own way, becoming part of the family as well. Frustrating (like a child) but loving as well (like a child). Oh, well,
we all end up with unexpected things in life - and if the truth were known, we are thankful (sometimes) for the excitement they bring into life.

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