Friday, January 16, 2009

Frigid Digits

If my youngest daughter can do it, I can do it. Well, maybe.

She's done a fantastic job of blogging for several years and so I'm taking a senior opportunity to give it a try as well. Besides, in the reality of Michigan winter I've got to do something to kill time until spring gets here. All three days of it and our two hours of summer as well.

My brother called from Connecticut last night to find out if we were surviving this winter which has been nominated by some to be the worst in years. We're surviving but the picture at the bottom of the blog will testify to what we are experiencing compared to the picture on the right which is what we wish were happening. My brother and I began to compare this winter with what we had when we were little kids growing up in eastern New York in the late 1930's. We lived a mile out of town up on a hill. We had one storm in February when we couldn't get out for a week without snowshoes. And wouldn't you know, right after I had shoveled out the driveway (by hand) the county plow came by and I had a humongous pile to clear away again. It hasn't been that bad here so far this year - but we haven't gotten to February yet.

Then there was the time - in 1984 or '85 - when we were living in Indiana. It was January and we had just gotten back from a two week vacation in Florida. A storm came in from the north and we were up to a sigificant portion of our anatomy and couldn't get into town for several days and Joyce couldn't get to work twenty or more miles away for a week.

Meanwhile, I'm glad I don't have to drive forty miles each way to work anymore like some of the old days in Missouri. (Hey, listen, I've got a lot of old days behind me!) I'm happy to just look out our second story condo window and think to myself -- at least the snow is not up to our window sill.

Oh, well - so it is in Michigan when the snow flies. But we left 17 years of Florida living to
come back to this? Hmmm.

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