Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dream On

Well, the forecast is for snow - starting at mid afternoon. But it's dismal and cloudy and spitting something already. And to make matters worse, our down-the-hall neighbor said she leaves Thursday for a week in Florida.
It brings back memories of when we lived there. Seventeen years worth. And people said, when we headed back north that we were crazy. But them we remembered what Florida is like in the summer. humid. hot. hurricanes. Bugs. and tourists. And you could only take so many clothes off to keep cool. In the north if you are cold just pile on another set of long-johns and a few more sweaters. And stay indoors if you don't have to go to work.
This winter has been a weird one. Chilly but not much in the way of bitter cold and very little snow. Our friends in Washington would probably say it's part of global warming - but then, they'd have a tough time saying it about their own surroundings. And it would have been hard for us to endorse that thought last summer when it was chilly for two weeks out of our three-week vacation out west.
So Punxarwany Phil predicts another five or six weeks of winter. Hey, the way it's been going
we're halfway through winter or more already. Maybe any yen to go to Florida this winter can be put on the back burner - it's been too chilly down there.
But the picture in today's blog is one of my favorites. I took it in 2004 and had to fight snowstorms down and back. It was taken at a beach in Venice, Florida in January. It's a sunset picture of my beloved watching the sun go down. There's not much that will beat a Florida beach sunset unless, perhaps it might be a Lake Huron sunrise in mid-summer Michigan.
So, I'll just dream on of the good days in Florida and the good days in Michigan. And be thankful for this one day of my life. And for the memories of days gone by.

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  1. A great blog. Venice is a great place to relax and enjoy. Beautiful sunset photo. All the best in retirement.