Thursday, February 11, 2010

Twisted (or Warped) Love

I've just given up. Admitted that my computer has a mind of its own which prevented me from rotating the picture so just turn your computer screen on its side and I presume you'll get the message. It's Valentine's Day weekend 2010.

Can you remember the first Valentine card you ever got? For me I think it was in the 1st or second grade where we all threw anonymous cards into a small box and pulled them out at random. The handwriting on the card I drew wasn't mine - but then, it didn't look like a girls either. Looked more like one from the fat boy two rows over from where I was.

In the third grade I discovered girls and I addressed one to "Jane" who was the most beautiful creature on earth - or at least in the third grade.

Because we moved almost every year there was a new Valentines crush each year and there was little or no response from the love offerings I made each year. The crowning blow came from a high school girl who I wooed on a unique way. There was a song way back titled"You'll Never Know" (I think Frank Sinatra sang it) and it really carried a message. It grabbed my heart so strongly that I called up a girl I admired and played the song to her on the phone. Her response: "I'm sorry, you have the wrong number!"

Then there was "Secret Love" by Doris Day which sometime later was superceded by Rosemary Clooney's rendition of "Half As Much." I think it was about this period of life that I began to think that perhaps I was cut out for monastic life - and then I was transferred to the Detroit area. For fifty six years my love letters and valentines wishes have gone to the girl from Michigan.

Well, neither of us are kids anymore but the valentines messages carry the same thought -
a reminder that love is what you make of it and for those who are blessed, it get's deeper and more precious every year. So to my wife: Thanks for the memories - thanks for the love you've shared - and thanks for being you. Let the candy above give you a warped view of how I feel this Valentine's Day.

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