Friday, March 18, 2011

Hope - Oh,Yes, I HOPE!

I think..... I hope...
that we are getting past winter. Last fall we went over to Lisa's house and planted
a whole bunch of Spring bulbs. Having had a pretty heavy winter for Indiana we all wondered how they would survive. The picture shows that at least some have flourished but more than that, there are lots of others in various stages of growing.
Daffodils are up and in flower, and tulips are making their way up. And so...there is hope for the future.

But if we listen to our local weather prognosticators, there is perhaps a possibility of some snow in the next ten days. Not much - but some. All this goes to say that maybe we're really seeing spring. However, we have been fooled before.

When we moved from Florida to Michigan in March 2003, March 27th to be precise, it was 72 degrees and a beautiful day. A few days later - on April 1st -
we got a gift of enough snow we weren't able to get out of our house for three days.
After all, who brings a snow shovel when they move from Florida? Fortunately, brother-in-law Jim took pity on us and sent a fellow with a snowplow to open up our driveway. That was our welcome back to Michigan.

Meanwhile, here we are in the wonderful world of Indianapolis. Our claim to fame this time is potholes in the streets. I am reminded of the person who was driving down the street and was warned, "Look out for the pothole!" The person driving retorted, "What hoooooooooooolllllleeee?" as the car sinks to oblivion.

But it is nice to see the first crocus - and to see buds on trees. There's hope for the future - and that is good. We even went out to the state Park at the former Fort Harrison and took a long walk on the trails the other day. I love Spring when it finally locks in and stays.

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