Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Kitten on the Keys

Meet our phormer phantastic pheline. She/he (I can't remember which he/she was) but I remember that he/she was a gift on my 80th birthday. And she loved to play computer solitaire on my laptop. But that's not what I wanted to share this time. My subject phor the day is my phantastically phrustrating computer.
Many years ago, when I was working phor McDonnell Aircraft, our phocus was on the Phantom two aircrapht. We had phlyers and pherrets, and phixers and it was an exciting time. It's when I learned that phore letter words could be spelled like phun and phrolic and phoolishness. (Do I have a problem counting letters?) However, alternative spelling became a recent necessity when my trusty computer keyboard rephused to produce a certain letter - no matter how many times it was pressed - or, phor that matter, how hard it was pressed.
It phinally got to the point where laying on of hands was not the solution - it took serious prayer and a blowing of dust phrom the crevices oph the keyboard. Voila,
two or three days later the key began to work again.
I don't know what solved the problem but the F key is working again. I managed to survive the problem and I didn't have to take a ball-peen hammer to the keyboard.
I'd like to think it was an answer to prayer. And I'm thankful that it was not a vowel that was acting up.
If nothing else came out of the event, I learned that occasional cleaning of a laptop keyboard is helpful if not a necessity. Then there is the old saying, 'clean computer, clean mind - take your choice'.
My closing comment: Don't ever take your computer phor granted - it can phight back when it wants to, so talk nicely to your treasured phreind, the phamily computer. I can tell you phirst hand what can happen.

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